person standing beside black weights
person standing beside black weights
The Big Picture

Getting Shredded

I'll cut straight to it: if your goal is to bench 325 pounds and have arms more or less the size of your head then your journey on this website ends here. But, if you are like me and want that ever-so-elusive lean, shredded physique then you're in the right place.


What to Expect

During each session, we will work on strengthening and, most importantly, form. If you are a beginner gym enthusiast, good form is your best friend. The training sessions will mainly consist of dumbbell, cable, and calisthenic (bodyweight) exercises. I'm a huge fan of pull-ups, push-ups, and ab workouts so expect a lot of those! Sessions will either be 30 minutes or 1 hour long, so the choice is yours.

black AB wheel
black AB wheel

Why Choose TrainAM?

Are you just catching the gym spirit? Maybe you aren't yet, but you're pushing yourself anyways. The fact is, you're looking for personal training – that's a huge step in the right direction. My role is to show you the ropes of the gym and coach you up to your lean physique potential. That being said, it's up to you to fulfill that potential. Book an appointment and start your journey.

black and gray exercise equipment
black and gray exercise equipment

Behind TrainAM

Hello hello. My name is Austin and I am the founder of TrainAM. I started working out about 6 years ago and I instantly got hooked...well, that's a lie. It's not that I didn't like it – I just wasn't going consistently enough. I would usually try to make it to the gym with my dad about twice per week and he was sort of my personal trainer in the early stages.

It took about 2 more years until I really caught the workout fever. I started lifting 4-5 times per week and could not get enough of it...the only problem was my eating. I was always built like a twig; I had decent strength for my size but one look at me and you couldn't tell at all. The main problem: I wasn't eating enough.

I'll say this: eating right is the largest component of your workout progress. Whether you want to gain weight or lose weight, getting enough protein is extremely important.

I'm now currently sitting at 7.5% body fat, and while that sounds like a boast (I'll give you that, it kind of is), it's essentially my proof statement of how far I've come since my first time lifting weights. My journey and passion for working out was the inspiration for TrainAM. Over my 6 years of experience, I can confidently say that if I can get the body I want, so can you...but it takes a hell of a lot of work to get there. No better time to start than now.

Unlock Your Potential.

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